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Finding the balance in communications between strategy and creativity 

Tatum is passionate in helping businesses communicate ideas creatively, enabling audiences to have enduring and impactful engagements to content. Through Graphic recording and facilitation, illustration and strategic visualisation services, Tatum translates complex ideas into simple and compelling visuals.


Since 2013, Tatum has worked internationally and across Australia, capturing conversations in both the public and private sectors.




Graphic Recording


Translating verbal content into visuals real-time

Strategic Visualisation

Simplifying strategy into engaging and accessible assets


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Vanessa Fanto

Head of Strategy & Innovation


“Thank you Tatum for introducing the value of graphic facilitation to us. We were amazed by your ability to visually capture and record the key messages of our speaker and this artwork continues to serve as an attractive reminder to us all, we also had a lot of fun learning the basics of graphic facilitation for ourselves!”

Joe Thompson

Project Leader - ETP 

Laing O'Rouke

"On returning to the office this morning I was blown away by the new mural on the meeting room wall!. You absolutely nailed the concept and the execution, we are so delighted with the result and can’t thank you enough.  I think every project needs one of these!"

Laura Stewart
Principle, Strategy Design


"Tatum is not only an incredibly gifted artist she also has a unique ability to listen for key themes and translate conversations into imagery. My experience working with her has been easy and engaging. Thank you Tatum for turning some of Aurecon’s conversations into lasting works of art."



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